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Steph and I love photographing Baby Portraits, it’s a wonderful time for every family when there is a brand new bundle of joy. Baby photography is all about creating photographs that will stand the test of time, they should be strong, simple images and the exciting thing is you can not tell a baby what to do so this form of newborn photography really is ” like a box of chocolates” – you never know what you are going to get. We meet so many fantastic couples who start their family portraits with us when they bring bub into the Studio and it is wonderful when we add to those family portraits as the children grow or when there is a new addition to the family. Here are a few of our recent baby portraits. You can view more photographs at the LLOYD-SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE.


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It is an absolute pleasure when past wedding clients come back to have us photograph their baby portraits, and this was very much the case with Mandy and Jamie when they introduced us to their beautiful new arrival Madeline. These baby portraits were shot in our Studio a little while back and last week Madie had her second shoot, this time at home and we look forward to sharing those pics with you very soon. Here are a few of the pictures from the studio shoot.


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How cute are these two, Jeremy and Mitchell I mean! Now for all of you who are soon to married take note – This wonderful couple Katrina and Mike were wedding clients of ours and they were obviously very much enjoying their honeymoon and then were promptly given the news that they were about to become a family of not 3 but 4. We all laughed non stop through the shoot, these two little blokes are hilarious.



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